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Four key things to do before your first workout

Being well-prepared before any kind of physical activity or workout can help you settle into your workout, leaving you happy long after.

You are aware that warming up and cooling down is vital for a proper workout experience. However, what about the stuff you do before you hit the gyms near me? From drinking enough amount of water to stretching, these few minutes before you rule on the treadmill can hugely help you make the most of your first workout. Thus, whether you are a recreational gym girl or a newbie, keep these tips in mind for your first workout.

Be Hydrated and Fed

Normally, your morning workout regimen doesn’t include eating before hitting the gyms near me. You get up, dress up, and start to get going. However, for a first high-intensity workout, you should have something before your workout. Some of the best options are protein shakes, low sugar protein bars, apples or bananas. You can try keeping a gap of an hour between exercising and eating or you might end up nauseating.

Apart from eating, you need to be hydrated enough. Did you know that hydrating yourself before the workout is crucial? The amount of water you must consume depends according to your age, height, weight, and sex; however, as a thumb rule, you need to consume 590ml or 20 ounces of water at least half an hour before working out. At the same time, make sure to drink an amount, which does not make you feel bloated.

Come Early

Trying to do a giant set or triset is all but impossible in that packed fitness studio. This man over here prefers to work in. That lady over there likes to steal your dumbbells. Several cast a bad eye your way for hogging much equipment. They would have a point – when the gym was crowded. However, it’s not, because you are ready to rise and grind everybody else. Yes, it’s a lot easier to complete those types of training workouts if the facility is less crowded, and that only happens if you come early.

Be Open Minded

There will be times that trainers will approach you and you must be open minded about their advice and suggestions. They will perhaps try to get you in for the trial session and it can be a helpful session, even if you do not want to purchase sessions. If they are good trainers, they will be always respectful about your desires, learn your name and will stay say hi to you every time they see you. Further, the more you feel you have a community, the more you will go.

Communicate your Fears and Desires 

When you join gyms near me or plan to start your own workout, you should have goals in mind for yourself. Do you want to lose body fat? Are you learning to do some pull-up? Do you plan to train yourself for a race? Set yourself up for success, communicate your desires and fears and set a realistic workout for yourself.

Being well-prepared before any kind of physical activity can help you settle into your workout, leaving you happy long after you have finished your cool-down. The proper food, drink, time, preparation and mentality will enable you to maximize the intensity of your first workout in the gyms near me while still keeping comfortable.


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